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Here's what parents/carers say about Early Steps Nursery School: 

The ladies at Early Steps Nursery School are just naturals. Our daughter couldn’t stop talking about them when she came home, and how they’d help her climb, paint, draw, read, build sing - i.e. all the things we sadly can’t do whilst at work! What we value most though, is seeing how she’s built lovely, nurturing relationships with children who are both older and younger than her because they’re taught in mixed age groups. She chirps excitedly about her day’s adventures in the car seat on the way home before literally passing out exhausted by all the day’s learnings!  We love it!

We're excited that Early Steps Nursery School has opened for our daughter and believe it will provide the best possible support for her in her preschool years. This is no ordinary nursery - we know the teachers are the very best - kind and supporting to the children they look after. Both of our children have been lucky enough to attend Early Years Nursery School before it closed (and where the teachers previously worked), and we are over the moon that they've continued to provide support for our daughter at Early Steps. Although a new nursery, we have full confidence in this team of staff who have been working together for years. Our daughter loves going to nursery and often asks to go on her home days. We cannot recommend them highly enough.



While the nursery is privately owned, this devoted team work like a cooperative, in a lovely, encouraging  atmosphere which they've perfected over numerous years of working together. 

Unlike the conventional practice of separating age groups, Early Steps is unique in immensely benefitting children by letting them be, leaving them to roam, play and learn freely with the larger group, in one joint space for 2-5 year olds, acknowledging that differences in individual development often do not correspond with age. This set up encourages the children to look out for each other, thus fostering their independence and tolerance.

Lucy, Sophie & the team have worked alongside both of our children from an early age. The staff are so nurturing and kind and are excellent teachers. Both myself and my partner could not be happier that we've continued to receive the best care and support at Early Steps Nursery School. We are confident our youngest will continue to grow and thrive with all of the staff. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do and have done.

The main reason we chose our childcare at Early Steps was for the staff predominantly, their professionalism, caring, positive attitude and kindness has been consistent. Each day, children and parents are greeted with lovely smiles, children are welcomed and cuddled in a caring manner on those days they don’t want to part from parents. Each child is treated like their own, and this is really comforting to know that they are being looked after how you would do yourself. Our daughter loves being there, and thrives on the daily activities available, with plenty of free play. Although she also loves the structured classes available too, especially the music class, which she often tries to repeat at home to us! The theory of mixing all ages is also one I believe in, and not moving from one room and one key worker to another, all staff are there to support all children the same and this allows children to bond with who they feel comfortable with. We are confident that she is developing both socially and academically at this nursery and that this is why we want her to continue childcare with Early Steps for another year before starting school. We can’t thank the staff enough for everything they have done in the past year.

Each and every staff member is so caring kind and loving towards the children. We love the fact that all the children of different ages play and interact together as they learn so much from each other. The individual one to one time the staff members spend with our daughter has really helped her development, writing and communication skills. All the staff have worked together for many years and it’s reassuring to know that our daughter is well looked after. Early Step's chef is incredible! He cooks the most delicious, fresh nutritious food for the children. Sending our little on to Early Steps is like leaving her with a family member and we couldn’t wish for a better place to send our daughter to.

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